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The Drone Arena

What does the future hold for drones? Is it all selfies and food deliveries? Or is there something new on the horizon? The Drone Arena is a space for new thinking to emerge. 

The Digital Futures Drone Arena challenges allow designers, artists and engineers to explore new ways to interact with drones. The first challenge saw teams navigating a drone through and obstacle using their bodies as controllers. The second challenge saw them choreographing a performance. By relaxing the sometimes crushing expectations of real world applications, innovation can sprout 🌱. 



  • Shaping and Being Shaped by Drones: Programming in Perception–Action Loops. [download pdf]

IMG_4898 Fatemeh Bakhshoudeh.jpeg
IMG_4894 Fatemeh Bakhshoudeh.jpeg
E161E8A5-367B-4830-9BEE-7D3473B32C4F Fatemeh Bakhshoudeh.jpeg
8885D1D8-5A22-4E36-94F4-32931D9B3B6C Fatemeh Bakhshoudeh.jpeg
680CDF8B-1128-45C5-A82D-32C3B1F562C4 Fatemeh Bakhshoudeh.jpeg
8A2D9D72-1130-4252-9CE5-2BB9A232E8EB Fatemeh Bakhshoudeh.jpeg
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