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Look at this bloke. Three screens, a 3D printer, a magnetic stirrer thingy, typing with gloves on!? Hello! I'm Joseph La Delfa a design researcher with experience in industrial and interaction design. My work explores how our relationships with autonomous machines [🦾🛵🚗🤖 etc] form, change and evolve. Building and testing zany machines is a core part of this process, as well as paying close attention to what we sense and how we act when we use them. I explore questions like: How do we understand the machines in our lives? How do we come to appreciate them? How do they become meaningful to us? This work has applications in academia for example as research-through-design as well as in industry as R&D or in depth user studies. showcases my creative output from my life as: a design researcher in human computer interaction, an industrial designer, an amateur DJ, an amateur bike builder (unsure which of these I am more amateur at) and various other pursuits. Thanks for visiting!

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